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Transcribr Pro

Your podcast feed will be continually monitored and transcribed when you add new recordings. Ask for details


Make your podcast searchable and more accessible with a text transcript!

If a podcast goes out on the web and no-one hears it, does it make a sound? Help your audiences find and use your podcasts with enhanced searchability and indexing! Simply point Transcribr at your audio URL and get a transcript in five business days. Click here to learn more

$1/minute, no minimum length, billed by the second.


You hate snail mail, but you love your grandmother?

You write it the way you want, your grandma reads it the way she wants. Got no penmanship? Type your letter in Stenographr’s easy web-based form and our service prints and mails a hardcopy letter to anyone with a pulse and a zip code. Click here to learn more